Cheryl McCrea, Edmonton and District Quilters' Guild and Lori White, Administrator, CapitalCare Grandview at the quilt presentation

CapitalCare Grandview's new farewell quilt

Grandview's Farewell Quilt

January 20, 2016

When Lori White, Administrator for CapitalCare Grandview, contacted the Edmonton and District Quilters' Guild with a very special request in late fall 2015, she got a quick and very heartfelt response.

The following is from Lori's request for a "farewell" quilt:

"Our centre is home to people who, due to advancing age, frailty and chronic disease, live the last part of their lives with us. Our centre team wants to change the way we say goodbye to our residents when they pass on. Past practice has been that a funeral home is called, and the deceased resident is taken out the back door to the funeral home vehicle.

"We are wanting to honor our residents in what we believe is a much more suitable manner by placing a farewell quilt over the gurney and having the resident exit the way they came to live here – by the front door. Staff would escort them to the vehicle outside the door. The quilt would be retrieved once they are in the vehicle and kept for future use."

On January 20 the Edmonton and District Quilters' Guild, by unanimous decision of their board, presented a farewell quilt to Lori for CapitalCare Grandview.

The quilt was a  special 30th anniversary project of the Guild and contains 30 distinct squares that were crafted by guild members.

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