Something's Missing Project
Kipnes Centre for Veterans resident reading about the planned family visiting area

One of new dining room tables at Laurier House Lynnwood


CapitalCare Grandview hallways as they now appear

The room at Kipnes Centre for Veterans that will become a home-like social space for residents and families.

Something's Missing

December 2017 update

Making the house a home

SOMETHING’S MISSING is a project about you, our community, helping us bring the comforts of home into our centres so that not even one resident or family says, "It’s good but something’s missing."

Our Something’s Missing project is very personal, not just for us as a Foundation who see the needs, but for staff and residents. We have the bricks and mortar, now our goal is to make the house a home.

Centres have some creative projects that they are passionate about. These projects will need financial support, some renovation and refurbishment, and some community involvement to ensure they have a lasting impact on the 2100 residents CapitalCare serves each year. 

These project ideas have come through discussions with residents and families as they identify what programs or changes to the building would improve their day to day living.

Dickinsfield & Lynnwood - Year Round Horticulture

Both centres are keen to have year round horticulture programs rooted in the therapeutic effects of gardening at their centres. Residents love planting the summer outdoor raised beds, but this quickly ends with the onset of shorter days and cooler nights. The act of nurturing is important to one’s healing and wellbeing. Getting your hands dirty and reaping the rewards of labour through gardening is an incredible outcome for residents.

Norwood & Laurier House Lynnwood - Dining Room Tables and Chairs

Don’t you hate when tables wobble or chairs squeak? Well, the residents at Norwood & Laurier House Lynnwood have some old tables and chairs that have far outlived their best days. For residents and families, the wish is simple - new dining room furniture. If it can be replaced now, the furniture will be used in both the current settings and in the new Norwood building when it opens; benefitting residents now and in the future.

Kipnes Centre for Veterans & McConnell Place West - Family Visiting Rooms

These centres are eager to see changes that will provide warm visiting spaces. Kipnes Centre residents would like a space on the second floor wherethey and their families can enjoy visiting in a living room - just like home!

McConnell Place West residents are excited to work on a project to provide pet and family visiting. Research has documented the positive effects that pets and family have for those living with dementia. Over the years, centres have incorporated pets into the centre environment and this will be another project that demonstrates this heartwarming approach for those with Alzheimer’s.

Strathcona - Bathing Room Upgrades

CapitalCare Strathcona has some older bathing rooms that were originally designed for residents who could get in a residential style tub. As the years have flown by, few residents are now able to manage getting in and out of a traditional tub. The rooms need updating to accommodate the needs of the frail elderly. We want the room to bring comfort and calmness to those with dementia so that having a bath is a positive experience. It is a simple and very important basic care upgrade.

Grandview - Hallway beautification

Finding the way to your suite is not so easy when all the room doors look the same. The hallways can be long and daunting when they look like a hospital versus a home. Creating unique doorways for residents to recognize and hallways that remind them of a friendly neighborhood will have huge impact. Modeling the surface changes and designs after the Swedish model of elderly care, Grandview families and staff feel the impact would be significant. It would be a dream come true.

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