Yardley-Jones' art sale

October 19, 2017

On Thursday October 19th McConnell Place West hosted an exhibit and sale of art for one of the residents, John Yardley-Jones.

Yardley-Jones had requested that he have his own art gallery to fundraise for the McConnell Place West Recreation Program. He and his family chose several pieces to be sold at the art exhibit. The night was a huge success, and Yardley-Jones was surrounded by family and friends for his special evening.

Yardley-Jones donated one of his art pieces for a raffle. Nancy Kindler, the Dementia Care Coordinator was thrilled to be the winning recipient of this prized piece of art. A sum of $1,055 was presented to McConnell Place West to use for the centre's recreation program.

A big thank you to Yardley-Jones' family for all their hard work in preparing for this art event.

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