Christmas Light Campaign 2016

Christmas Lights Campaign 2016

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year especially at CapitalCare centres, where residents, staff, volunteers, and family come together to celebrate the season.

Please read the story of Dr. Alex Rattray, as told by his son Don, and thoughtfully consider making a donation to music programs by clicking the ‘Donate Now’ button on the top right corner of your screen. All gifts, no matter the size, help to improve the comfort and quality of life for those who live at CapitalCare centres.

Make this YOUR moment that matters. Give now to support and celebrate the lives of those living in care. Read more about our music program campaign.

Alex' Story

I am writing today to share the story of my dad and his life at CapitalCare. As the Christmas season approaches, I know many of you are considering how you can support various community efforts. I want you to know that the CapitalCare Foundation should be one to seriously consider. The reason is all about impact. Not just for my dad, but for so many residents who flourish at the centres they now call home.

My dad loves being here. He is a 97 year old who has once again become vibrant and excited for activity and living. He is blessed with great staff who surround him with positive encouragement. And for him the best day of the week is by far the one that is filled with music.

I know there may have been other letters and articles about the importance of music already sent to you and they all talked about the impact music has on residents, especially those with dementia. I have read them, made my donation, and felt deeply called to share the story of my dad and his music so you can see that it is not just a few people this impacts but many. I cannot believe the difference it has made for him. It has been one of the most important things to change his life.

My dad, like most residents here, came to the centre after quite a journey. He had a significant fall that landed him at the emergency room, and eventually he made the move to Dickinsfield. His journey involved loss of ability and a scare to his overall well being. Even his memory started to falter. He soon became helpless and on the verge of lacking hope. At 97, some would just say let it go. But I believed he still had a lot of ‘living’ ahead of him.

When my dad, a once prominent Edmonton veterinarian, came to Dickinsfield, we put up a picture wall of family and friends, things that had been so important to him throughout his life. He and I spent many hours talking about the great days gone by. However, we left one wall blank and I challenged my dad to look ahead and create new memories and new moments that matter to him. That is when it happened.

He heard about the music care program from other residents and thought he should see what it was all about. I think truthfully he just thought it would fill the time and maybe even get me to stop nagging him. But the magic of music surprised even him. For the first time in his life he joined a choir. He become engaged and engrossed in the selection of songs. He wanted to be a part of the choir, so much so that he started to arrive earlier and earlier to make sure he got the best seat in the room. He walks with a walker to the music room, and the funny thing is, his pace is way faster on music day than any other day of the week. It’s like he has a lighter step. Oh yeah - and he smiles!

He has now filled his blank wall with pictures and music participation certificates, creating those new memories. It is exciting to watch.

What I think is important to share with you is that my dad is not the only one enjoying the music. Many people at this centre, and all the CapitalCare centres love music. It is something they connect with that has positive effects both mentally and physically.

Music makes a difference.

Funds are now needed to keep the music care program alive at the centres. Since the ‘Don’t Stop the Music’ fundraising started earlier this year, the foundation has raised just over $125,000. We’re halfway to our goal of $250,000 and only have until March to reach this target. I know the giving at Christmas will make a difference.

Please think of CapitalCare Foundation as one of your priority charities this year. I hope that knowing your gift will affect the well-being and quality of life for seniors in care, helps you to see why your support is so important.

Isn’t quality living for our parents and loved ones what we all want? Please join me in supporting the music care program.

Warmly yours,
Don Rattray
Son of Dr. Alex Rattray

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