Doris' Story

Music has always been a large part of Doris’ life. From an early age, her father would sing songs from the wartime era to her mother and this is something that Doris reminisces about fondly. She particularly
enjoys the music of Vera Lynn.

Doris now has dementia and at times feels confused and upset because she wants to go home. When music is played for her, Doris’ face lights up, and she responds by singing,tapping her hands to the rhythm, and smiling. In-between songs she will reminisce and comment on her genuine love of the music.

When Doris started in the music program, she was hesitant to play an instrument with the group. Now she happily accepts an instrument and plays a strong rhythm while making eye contact and smiling. She remembers all the words to the songs of her youth and loves learning new lyrics. She has a strong relationship with the music therapist and has said before “I know you, and you know me.”

While Doris is involved in music she is relaxed, happy, and engaged,
holding the hand of the staff while saying thank you.

Don’t stop the music

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