Ernie's Story

Ernie was 78 when he entered the CHOICE program. He had experienced a heart attack, several surgeries and was exhausted from the frequent trips to the hospital where he was treated for his multiple medical conditions.

His family was equally exhausted. They were trying to juggle all his medical appointments with their own hectic lives. People like Ernie come to CHOICE, a CapitalCare day centre, a few days a week where they receive a variety of services from doctors, nurses, pharmacists, occupational/physiotherapists, dieticians and social workers. They also benefit from recreation activities and socializing with the other attendees.

Ernie loves to play piano and his friend Clem, who also attends the program, plays guitar. Every week they have a ‘jam’ session and entertain the whole crew at CHOICE. Everyone joins in the singing, some who can sing and some…who cannot. But all have fun, and for Ernie it’s a great feeling to know he is helping others as well as himself.

“CHOICE has been a godsend,” says Ellen Golka-Moxham, Ernie’s daughter. “We don’t know how we would have managed without it, and we seriously doubt if Dad would be doing as well as he is today without it.”

Don't stop the music

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