Fred's Story

Music has always been a part of Fred’s life and often he has used it to help communicate with those who mean a great deal to him. He liked to find lyrics that said what he was thinking and then share them as part of his messages.

When Fred was in the Navy, he would send love letters to his fiancé, now his wife of more than 73 years. His love letters are now a bit faded and tattered but one can still read them and see how he used his favorite love songs to tell his special lady how he felt about her. When they celebrated their 65th Wedding Anniversary their favourite song “Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree” was the theme of the party.

Music was such a part of Fred’s life that even when he was young and away at sea he would use the lyrics to message with the crew. Whenever they were in port he would play music over the loudspeakers
and that meant, “for now we are safe and don’t have to worry.”

Don't stop the music

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