Recreation, Music Therapy, & Gardening

Recreation focuses on the social aspect of living in a care setting.

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Recreation plays a significant role in our residents’ overall health and well-being. At CapitalCare, various activities are available for individuals to get involved in, and many of these require support and assistance.

Donations for these areas help cover sessional instructors, entertainers, and supply costs. This charitable support helps provide robust programming and a well-rounded living environment for those at our centres.

Music Therapy

The music care program is focused on four specific areas: health, wellness, special interests, and music for memory, ensuring that music care reaches more residents with a variety of needs.

This means more tapping of toes, more singing, and more clapping!


Outdoor living is so essential for our residents. Although our summers are short in Edmonton, we know that we must take advantage of every moment possible when the days are warm and sunny.

That’s why we put a significant emphasis on ensuring the gardens provide spaces for sitting, visiting, and digging in to grow and reminisce about the old days of farming and gardening. We ensure that the garden spaces accommodate families, centre activities, and outdoor events. Support for this provides supplies, annual plants, and furnishings for these spaces.