Hutch Hunters

May and Milo are the resident rabbits at CapitalCare Lynnwood. They are looking to change up their location. They want to be easier to see for the CapitalCare Lynnwood residents. By raising their hutch home up to 21 inches, then when individuals in wheelchairs come for a visit they can see May & Milo better. Check out the options for their new hutch.

Place of birth: In a chicken coop near Hinton. A farmer rescued their mom and all siblings – there were 5 in total.

Other place they called home: WHARF Animal Rescue, looked afer us until we were 8 weeks old with mom and our other siblings.

Favourite Pastimes: Eating hay and veggies, snuggling with my sibling and people

Occupation: Pet Therapy Bunnies


I am very sweet and affectionate. I like to snuggle and get attention. I am the smaller bunny with both ears up.


I like to dig, run around and play with my sister. I am shy and still warming up to my new home. I am the bigger bunny with one ear down and one ear up.

The resident pets aren’t just animals, they are part of our Village.