Join our Adopt-A-Grandparent program, where safe and meaningful connections bloom between seniors and community members. Together, lasting bonds are created, offering potential companionship; your involvement ensures no one is without a birthday card or a heartfelt acknowledgment during special moments throughout the year. We combat social isolation and loneliness, for seniors who may be without families or whose loved ones are miles away.

Did You Know…

1 in 3 seniors report feeling lonely and socially isolated – and that feeling doesn’t stop when living in long-term care, if your family lives far away or they are unable to visit.

of seniors don’t connect with another human for 7 days or more at a time.

30% of Edmontonian Seniors state that they would love to make more acquaintances if given the opportunity to speak to someone.

Our Goal

To help create connections for individuals in our care centres.

By assisting in creating connection, we can reverse the negative impacts of social isolation and loneliness.

To create unique opportunities to learn about our community.

A chance to develop respect across the generations.

To access the perspective of someone who has “been through it all”.

To enable the feeling of making a difference in someone’s life.

To build a sense of citizenship and community in others.

How Does It Work

Once you commit – easily done by filling out the form – you will be assigned a buddy
– Grandparents are usually matched within two weeks.

We encourage you to connect with your Grandparent via traditional mail or email as often as you wish.

If you have selected face to face meeting as one of your connection options – you will receive information about our Adopt A Grandparent Teas. These occur every other month or so.

Who Should Get Involved

This program is open and welcomes everyone – but in case you are wondering, see below for some ideas of who should sign up to become a Grandparent Pal:

  • Retired folks looking to connect with others
  • Kids who grandparents live far away or may have passed
  • Families who don’t have any more fridge space for drawings
  • Single folks who have watched everything on Netflix
  • Any groups wanting to make a difference or are looking to have an impact on the lives of people who have paved the way.

Want To Get Involved in Different Way?

We need your help! Grandparent Connectors play a crucial role in the Adopt a Grandparent program by supporting meaningful connections between our seniors and residents and Grandparent Pals. They serve as bridges between Grandparents and Grandparent Pals. To learn more about what is a Grandparent Connector click below.

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The benefits aren’t just for our seniors, everyone benefits from becoming more connected.

*To ensure the safety and security of our vulnerable seniors, all engagements will be conducted through the support of our Grandparent Connectors.