We Appreciate You!

Thank you to the organizations and businesses that have helped us get through the last few months with the COVID-19 pandemic. With your help we’ve been better able to protect our residents and staff.

Provide a Ride

With normal bus schedules and service reduced, some of our frontline staff experienced difficulties getting to and from work. Provide a Ride to the rescue! Provide a Ride helps get frontline staff to and from work as safely as possible.

From April through mid-May, provided 268 rides for our staff. They are continuing to help with rides as able.

Donations to the Provide a Ride program are welcome. Click on the Donate Now button at the top right and select Provide a Ride Fund.

Thank you to Provide a Ride sponsors Imperial Oil and EWI Works, and thank you to Drive Happiness Seniors Association, a volunteer driver organization.


Wearing face masks through an entire shift can be uncomfortable, particularly the strain and chafing of elastic loops around the ears of frontline staff. Two companies have donated earsavers that are worn across the back of the head and alleviate the pull of the mask’s elastic loops. The earsavers are plastic and easily disinfected between uses.

Thank you to earsaver sponsors Park Derochie Inc. and Alberta 3D PPE!

Visiting Tents

Residents at CapitalCare centres can now visit with two friends or family members at a time. To reduce the risk of infection, the visits must take place outside with appropriate physical distancing. To make the visits more comfortable, ATCO has donated tents to help shelter from sun and rain.

At CapitalCare Lynnwood visitors and residents can meet inside a new permanent gazebo, provided through a donation from CapitalCare Lynnwood Auxiliary.

Thank you ATCO and CapitalCare Lynnwood Auxiliary!