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June 18 2021 | By: CapitalCare Foundation

Bridging the Digital Divide

Throughout the pandemic, CapitalCare centres have struggled with how best to virtually connect families with our residents.

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April 06 2021 | By: CapitalCare Foundation

COVID Relief Fund

We remain focused on supporting the long term care centres of CapitalCare with COVID Relief. The COVID relief fund supports several areas of the work being done to maintain safe…

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June 12 2020 | By: CapitalCare Foundation

COVID-19 – Frontline Fund

Visit The Frontline Fund to donate! You can help support frontline heathcare workers across Canada. Funds collected are distributed to over 100 Canadian healthcare foundations to be used for frontline worker supplies,…

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April 15 2020 | By: CapitalCare Foundation

COVID-19 – Hearts for Healthcare

CapitalCare Foundation has been thanking our healthcare workers from the bottom of our hearts by hanging hearts in our windows so staff can see them on their way to work. It’s part…

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